Welcome to Mastery Chart!

Welcome to Mastery Chart!

Your Go-To for visually stunning League of Legends Champion Mastery data.

Are you tired of looking at boring looking tables and bar charts to get a glance on how much effort you've put into mastering your favorite champions and classes in League of Legends? Look no further than Mastery Chart.

This website aims to display your champion mastery data in visually appealing charts such as bubble and sunburst charts, utilizing champion icons and color sets you already know and love from the game to make the experience more engaging. With these charts, you can quickly get an overview of your mastery levels and points and compare them to your friends' as well as the leaderboard's top players' profiles.

One of the standout features of Mastery Chart is the bubble chart, which displays your champion mastery levels in a circular format. The size of the bubbles corresponds to the level of mastery, while the color represents the class or mastery of the champion. This chart allows you to quickly compare your mastery points across different classes and champions, making it easy to identify playstyles you love and new champions to try them with. Try clicking and dragging the bubbles to get more information!

Another great feature of the website is the sunburst chart, which represents either your champion mastery levels or your mastery points per class in a hierarchical format. The outermost ring represents single champions, while the inner rings represent a layer grouped by class or mastery level. This chart allows you to see how your mastery score for different classes compare to each other and how they contribute to your overall mastery level.

In addition, our website offers an intuitive navigation system that allows you to easily switch between different accounts, regions, and servers. It means you can compare the progress of your friends or top-players on different servers (also supports Garena!).

Whether you're a casual player, a true Heimerdinger enjoyer or tryharding to max out all the champs, Mastery Chart is the perfect tool for visualizing and analyzing your champion mastery data. I hope you'll give it a try and see for yourself how it can improve your understanding of your Champion Mastery in League of Legends.

For more infos, check out the FAQ section or contact me directly at [email protected].