FAQ & Common Issues

Struggling to find your profile on our site? Got ideas on how we can improve? Find answers for some common questions.

FAQ & Common Issues

I can't find my profile

If it's your first time here and your name is not being suggested, just press the search button after entering your exact game name, tagline and server. After looking up your profile once, it will appear in the search suggestions when you come back next time.

If that doesn't work, get support or check the status page for ongoing problems.

What's a tagline? / Riot ID Info

Starting November 20th, League of Legends will use Riot ID, consisting of a "game name" and a "tagline" instead of a summoner name.

If you have never changed your Riot ID, it has automatically been set to your summoner name + a regional default (e.g. gerne #EUW).

If you're not sure what you need to look for, just go to your profile in the client and click the copy button on the banner on the left:

Copy button in the client

Official info from Riot can be found in this support article.

Why do I have negative progress on my champion?

When the new Mastery System was released, your champions were assigned new levels based on how many Mastery Points you had collected. This process did not lower Mastery Level, which means that it's possible to have champions at a Level that would normally not be possible under the new system.

Example: You hit Mastery 5 (21600 pts) on Draven. The 2 following games went well and you got 2 Mastery Tokens, allowing you to upgrade Draven's Mastery Level to 6 at about 23000 pts.

Now, after the update, 31600 pts are required to level up a champion to Mastery 6, but your Draven kept his Level 6 since Mastery Level was not lowered. This puts your progress to -8600 of 11000 pts to Level 7 since you still need to catch up the 8600 pts to the level 6 requirements before even starting the usual progress to Level 7.

How does the Multi Search work?

Use the search bar to search for up to 5 of your profiles and click on them to build a list. Once you are done, just hit "Go!".

Note that you have to look up each profile with the main search on the home page once for it to show up in multi search.

Do you need more than 5 slots? Let me know so I can take this into consideration when updating the feature.

Leaderboard: What does "Rank Pending" mean?

First off, congrats! You're getting a spot on your main champion's global leaderboard. You're new to the system, so your rank will be available on your profile within ~15 minutes.

Leaderboard: What are the requirements?

The basic requirement to be placed on any leaderboard is have at least one Mastery Point on the champion.

If there are more than 10,000 contenders, those ranked lower than that will be dropped from the leaderboard to keep things lightweight on our end.

How is the site funded?

We are serving ads by Ezoic to cover the cost of hosting the site. You can further support the project's development or request a specific feature by donating.

Can you do this for Wild Rift/Legends of Runeterra?

As of now, there are no official Riot API endpoints for Wild Rift or LoR that would allow us to do this.

We'd love to do this, so let's hope Riot changes this!

Feedback & Feature Suggestions

We're happy to hear about your feedback and ideas! Leave a message at our feedback form or talk to us on Discord to leave feedback.

Also, check the Changelog for recently added and upcoming features!

How do I mark my profile as favorite?

Go to your profile and click the summoner icon.

I play ADC Maokai but he's listed as a jungler/tank. Why?

The class assignments for champions are directly taken from Riot's API and therefore based entirely on their opinion.

Role assignments are based on the most popular position by pickrate.

Why is there a skin I don't even own displayed on my profile?

Summoners that hold a leaderboard top position for a champion will have a random skin displayed as the background for decorative purposes.

The randomly chosen skin will rotate weekly to keep things fresh.

Are you affiliated with the sites in the "More Projects" section?

I am the creator of Disenchanter.

I am not affiliated with any of the following service providers. Any logos used are used with explicit permission.

If you made a cool project and you'd like to have it listed in that section, contact me and we'll get it done.