Champion Mastery Rework: What's Changing in Patch 14.10?

Get ready, summoners! The new and improved Champion Mastery system is set to launch with Patch 14.10.

Champion Mastery Rework: What's Changing in Patch 14.10?

Get ready, summoners! The new and improved Champion Mastery system is set to launch at the official start of Season 2024 Split 2 on May 15, 2024, at noon, local server time. With Patch 14.10, you can begin earning Mastery XP, but the full benefits of Marks of Mastery and Milestone Rewards will kick in only after the season officially starts. Here's everything you need to know about mastering your champions in the latest rework.

What Happened to My Old Mastery Score?

Don't worry about your previous hard work. If you accumulated Mastery Millions on a champion before Patch 14.10, your old Mastery Score has been converted into Mastery XP, along with Marks of Mastery proportional to your previous achievements.

Unlocking Champion Mastery

Here's a quick breakdown of the new requirements to level up your Champion Mastery:

  • Level 1: No requirements
  • Level 2: 1,800 Mastery Points
  • Level 3: 4,200 Mastery Points
  • Level 4: 6,600 Mastery Points
  • Level 5: 9,000 Mastery Points + 1 Mark of Mastery
  • Level 6: 10,000 Mastery Points + 1 Mark of Mastery
  • Levels 7-9: 11,000 Mastery Points + 1 Mark of Mastery per level
  • Level 10+: 11,000 Mastery Points + 2 Marks of Mastery (Champion Title Permanently Unlocked)

Your Mastery Level carries over between Seasons and Splits, so your progress remains intact.

The new Mastery level icons

As per usual, the table below your Mastery Chart will keep you updated on your progress on your main:

Mastery Points (MP)

Mastery Points are awarded based on your performance in matchmade games, considering factors like your personal stats, team performance, game duration, and whether you win or lose. You can see your earned points on the post-game Progression screen.

Playing with friends in a premade group grants you bonus MP:

  • Solo: No bonus
  • Duo: +2% MP
  • Trio: +4% MP
  • Quad: +6% MP
  • Full team: +10% MP

Season Split Milestones

Every champion has season split milestones that reset each split, rewarding you with Marks of Mastery and other prizes for your performance. Here's the milestone breakdown:

Milestone Grades Required Rewards
1 1x B- Grade and up
4x C- and up
1x Mark of Mastery
1x Mastery Chest (6 max per split)*
2 1x A- Grade and up
4x C- and up
1x Mark of Mastery
3 1x S- Grade and up
4x C- and up
2x Marks of Mastery
1x Mastery Chest (25 max per split)
4 1x S- Grade and up
4x C- and up
2x Marks of Mastery
Crest Highlighting (VFX when Mastery emote is used in-game)
5+ 7x S- Grades and up

1 Mark of Mastery
Mastery Milestone Screen

Marks of Mastery

Marks of Mastery are essential for advancing to Mastery Level 5 and beyond. Earn high grades in your games to collect these marks and unlock higher mastery levels. If you hit the required Mastery Points for a new level but lack the necessary marks, you'll keep accumulating points without leveling up until you earn the marks.


Grades are awarded based on your overall performance, considering your role, champion, and position. These grades reflect how you perform compared to other players in your region with the same champion/position combo. The grades range from S+ to D-, with S+ being the highest.

Split Mastery Sets

Each Split starts with a personalized Split Mastery Set of 10 champions, including:

  • Three of your most-played champions
  • Four champions matching your preferred classes
  • Three champions with similar play styles to your favorites

Completing milestones with these champions unlocks a Superior Mastery Chest and Blue Essence rewards. Track your progress in the Ranked screen by hovering over the Split icon.

Eligible Game Modes

You can earn Mastery Points in all matchmaking queues, including Summoner's Rift normal (Quickplay/Draft), ranked queues, ARAM, and all rotating game modes—except for Arena 😞. Split Milestones, however, can only be achieved in modes where you earn grades.

Mastery Rewards

Superior Mastery Chests

These chests contain the same loot as a Masterwork Chest but don’t count towards Masterwork Milestone rewards. They are unlocked through Seasonal Mastery Sets.

Mastery Crest

Your mastery is visually represented through evolving crests from Level 1–10, and beyond Level 10, your crest will display your exact Mastery Level.

Mastery Emote

Flash your Mastery Emote in-game starting at Level 4+ by hitting Ctrl-6 or typing /masterybadge in chat.

Loading Screen Banner

Your Mastery Level appears on the loading screen from Level 4+, visible to both allies and enemies.

Multi-Kill Announcement Banner

A banner appears under your multi-kill announcements in-game if you’re Level 4+ with the champion, indicating your prowess.

Death Recap

Understand how you died with the Death Recap, which shows the Mastery Level of the players involved if they’re Level 4+.


This is a rundown of Riot's support article regarding the changes. The dev blog outlines why these changes are happening.

Champion Mastery now levels infinitely based on Mastery Points and Marks of Mastery, the latter being the replacement for the previous Mastery Token system. Instead of paying Blue Essence to upgrade your Mastery Level, you get rewards for reaching Milestones, which reset every split. Playing premade awards additional Mastery Points.

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